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Everything about us has been the exception. You know everything I’ve done to be near to you even when we couldn’t be together. Even when it was bad timing I stayed around, made myself half depressed for a little while there, and then you helped me get out of it. I’ve had one relationship since we first met, and that lasted a month, and I ended it because it was nothing in comparison to how i felt about you. That’s when I knew for sure that I hadn’t gotten over you. It was christmas eve and I was on my computer at my parents house, and I stayed up super late talking to you, and we reminded each other of the last new years and how good that was. And I was trying so hard not to think of those things but it came up and we did talk about them. And I knew that that relationship had to end. So it did. And I felt like a big jerk because I broke up with her even though I had no reason to believe I’d ever get a chance to be with you again. I’ve not even considered other girls, and since that first kiss under the tree, I’ve considered myself taken. No one else was an option because I’ve never needed another choice. You’ve always been first choice for me. People have thought me to be crazy to keep trying and for being so persistent, but it’s not that hard to be the only one who thinks you’re meant to be with someone. I don’t really believe in all that fate stuff, but rather that some wishes made at 11:11 you have to make happen yourself. And I’ve worked for this, and you know that. Sorry to be lame but it’s true that I built a home for you. Inside me there is a place for you that is fixed into my very foundation. To change that would require demolition. So forgive me if I just want to see if this is a storm we can wait out.”

-from a boy who wants me to be his girl

-via silverwords.tumblr.com

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