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We were watching TV when a “withheld” number called my cell phone. I picked up and it was a person asking for Macy. I told her she had the wrong number and hung up. Not thinking in the least about who it was or what they wanted, I continued watching Scrubs with Katie. Just before this, me and Katie were talking about how much it sucked that my dad hates me, and relationship problems, and her boyfriend issues. Two minutes later, they call back, and ask for the same person. But they sounded like they were making fun of me this time, AND it was withheld so I figured it was just a prank call. Once again, I hung up. Distracted with this, I told katie and we started bitching about people who prank call. Of course, this was a hypocritical move on both of us, since we have prank called people numerous times. For a final third time, she called again. I told katie to answer the phone and bitch them out. So she did, but as soon as I heard someone crying on the other line, I took the phone away from her and listened for a minute. It sounded like a girl with autism, but thats only my guess. She was talking about how I (she thinking I was Macy) never called her back, never asked her to hang out, how everyone hated her and didn’t want to talk to her because they were embarrassed to be with her. Then she began talking about how her mother died, and her father left her, leaving her at some home. I calmly told her that I’m sorry, I’m not Macy but she can continue if she liked. She didn’t understand at first but eventually it got through to her that it was the wrong number. She asked what my name was, and I replied it was Hallie. She told me very sincerely that it was a beautiful name. She told me her name was Genette. I asked her why it was a withheld number, and she said she didn’t know what that meant. I let her continue with her story for a little longer, before she had to go. She appologized, and wished me the best of luck. She told me goodbye, and maybe she’d see me someday. I told her goodbye, and hung up the phone.

I was completely dumbfounded that I could be so insensitive, and think that I could actually have a horrible life. Compared to her, my life is absolutely perfect. Compared to a LOT of people, my life is absolutely perfect. I put down the phone, and started crying. Katie was sitting there looking at me, but she didn’t bother to ask, she just let me be. I learned a lot from that 10 minute phone conversation. I try not to complain as much, and I try to see the bright side of everything, just as Genette has been doing. It’s amazing that things like this can happen. I’m so thankful it did.
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