What did you do today? Get your heart broken? Discover something about yourself? Overcome a struggle? Cry at the foot of your bed? You may have been through something wonderful or something horrible or something just plain weird. No matter what it was though, you lived through it. Tell us about it. Inspire us. Make our hearts ache.

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I don't understand how you can tell me to move when you know that I am completely in love with you. I don't understand how you can tell yourself that you need to move on because I know that you are completely in love with me. Why can't we do the easy thing which is being in love together? What is so wrong with that? Sometimes, the hardest things aren't the right things.

this is so relevant to my life. i too said goodbye to someone that is in love with me - someone whom i save the most smiles for. despite the fact that we were good together, i realized that i was not in love with him and that my heart belonged to someone else all along. i think his heart is still hurting, and that hurts me, but i can’t keep pretending that i belong to him. thank you for submitting.

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